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Welcome to our new website

03 201103
Welcome to the new Design and Logic website. We have pinpointed our strengths and created our new website around them.

Synergetic Strategies


Synergy, in general, may be defined as two or more agents working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the agents independently.

I have been studying ways how to give our clients the maximum service required in order to increase their productivity. Design and Logic has been coming up with synergistic solutions to increase your company's bottom line.

Synergy is producing a finished product that could not be created without all the elements coming together. For example, we have created an e-commerce application for Creation Body Piercing. Design and Logic had to put together a plan to put this "bricks and mortar" company into the Cloud in the most effective and streamlined fashion.

1. BRAND First we looked at their brand. For a new business, this would be the first step. How do prospective customers identify you, and how do they feel when they identify your brand? In Creation's case, they had a strong, developed brand and a loyal local following. D&L wanted to take this brand to a wider audience by putting their established brand to the Cloud via a well designed e-commerce website.

2. INTEGRATION Creation did not want to run the website like a second business; they wanted an integrated solution so that when an online sale was made, it would notify them and update their inventory and sales tracking. To deal with this obstacle, we created a custom Point of Sale (POS) system that not only ran their online business but their bricks and motor store.

3. EXECUTION In order for creation to have a successful online store, we needed to make sure the hardware infrastructure was there. D&L set up the server, email accounts, and auto backup systems so that Creation's website and POS system functions properly.


This is a quick example of how, by taking into account the elements of branding, integration, and execution, D&L created a synergistic solution to put Creation on the Cloud.